FACT-oriented 15 Media Houses on Covid19, Childhood TB policies, 3RH, TPT, and existing policy implementation challenges. The aim of the orientation was to guide media houses to better understand the gaps that exist in the country in as far as 3RH and TPT is concerned, especially for children.

FACT will then work hand in hand with media houses on tailored programs that will create awareness on 3RH and TPT, as well as create demand to scale up access to 3RH and TPT, as it is common knowledge that if the community affected by TB had adequate information they would be able to lobby for strong TB policies, adequate resources and development of effective community-oriented programs, sufficient to addressing the needs of people affected by TB, particularly children. This activity took place in Blantyre at Grace Bandawe Conference Center on 11th March 2021, from 9:00 am to 13:00hrs.