Request for proposals

Production of a TV documentary on access to essential health services, impacts of out-of-pocket payments on the poor, and universal health coverage


Journalists Association Against AIDS (JournAIDS) in collaboration with Facilitators for Community Transformation (FACT) have secured a grant from the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) for a project called Sustainable health financing for Universal Health Coverage Under grant number SGJB00875-G010256. The project seeks to deepen policy engagement and civil society participating in enhancing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) with a focus on sustainable health financing.

Taking into account that Malawi is a country that also endorsed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UHC is critical and also underpins the country’s Health Sector Strategic Plan for 2017-2022. As part of the project, JournAIDS and FACT seeks services of suitably qualified media and communications firms to produce a TV documentary to showcase the project key viewpoints and success. In general, the documentary will show the impacts of out of pocket of payments on the access to essential health services for the poor in Malawi with a view of influencing health financing reforms and the implementation of Malawi’s Health Sector Strategic Plan towards achievement of Universal Health Coverage.

Scope of work

The assignment will involve the production of a TV documentary focusing on various aspects of Universal Health Coverage, health financing, and how the poor in some of Malawi are affected by out-of-pocket payments in access to essential health services

Key Deliverables

  • Produce a 15–20-minute TV documentary on access to essential health services and the impacts of out-of-pocket payments on the poor in both English and Chichewa subtitles
  • Some 2 short videos between 2-3 minutes for uploading on the websites and social media pages for influencing policy with
  • A 12 paged process report on the production of the TV documentary
  • 3 DVD copies and 1 master copy produced

Qualifications and requirements

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning with a tilt towards mass media studies and media for development, those with social sciences and development studies backgrounds will have an added advantage
  • Be flexible and work on a tight schedule
  • Have a clean track record of producing high-quality TV content and video documentaries

Method of Application

Submit a technical proposal and a financial offer with the following;

  • Technical approach
  • Methodology
  • Time-table to complete and deliver the assignment
  • Track record of past work and CVs of key staff in the consultancy firm


The assignment is expected to be completed in 14 days from the signing of the contract

Deadline for receipt of applications

Send applications before or on 10th November 2021. All late applications will be rejected

Submission process

Send all applications marked in an envelope with a subject “Production of a TV documentary on access to essential health services, impacts of out-of-pocket payments on the poor and universal health coverage” to;

Internal Procurement Committee

Facilitators of Community Transformation
Creswell House Area 18
Next to Puma Fuel Station
P.O. Box 30407
Lilongwe 3, Malawi.