Launch  of  the  Community  Led  Communication Strategy  (CLM),  the  strategy  was  launched in  Machinga,  it  was  a  successful  big  event that  called  for  the  media  houses,  National TB  network  members,  civil  society  (Paradiso), representatives  from  the  ministry  of  health (DHO),  local  leaders  (counselors  and  chiefs), implementing  partners  from  Christian  AID, DAPP  AND  KNCV.  The  Management  of  the Global Fund Consortium in the implementation of  the  TB  Related  Interventions  Under  the Global Fund HIV/TB Epidemic Control Program (2021  –  2023)  which  comprises  of  MANASO, MANET+,  and  PARADISO  where  FACT  is  the leading  organization.  FACT  has  been  given Land by the Ministry of Home land Security to build  and  Office  at  Dzaleka  Refugee  Camp which will ease the implementation of Sexually Gender  Based  Violence  case  finding  project at  Dzaleka.  The  establishment  of  Women Action  groups  at  Dzaleka  refugee  Camp which  has  helped  women  to  come  together and  learn  issues  regarding  human  rights  and gender.   Increased level of  knowledge  among communities  regarding  TB.  In  all  projects, our  focus  is  based  on  TB  awareness,  this  has helped  communities  to  know  more  about  TB and  access  health  services.  We  have  also seen  an  increase  in  TB  case  notification,  this is  as  a  result  of  interventions  carried  out  in different  communities.  People  easily  go  to health  facilities  and  submit  samples  making it  easy  for  us  to  identify  the  patients.  There is also  strengthened  level  of  collaboration  and coordination among stakeholders.

Key best practices in the global fund and the QSS project

There is good collaboration among key stakeholders such as the lead volunteers, TB focal persons and  the  DHMT  (district  healthy  management  teams)  has  helped  in  the  implementation  of  the project  activities  thereby  attaining  the  project  targets.  The utilization of community  sputum collection volunteers has helped revamp the CSP in the community TB management.