Facilitators for Community Transformation (FACT) received funding from TAG to implement a project called: “Strengthening CSO Engagement on TB Preventive Therapy (TPT) Supply Chain Management in Malawi”. The project aims to reduce incidences of TB in Malawi by 2021 through increased political will and meaningful engagement of communities on the roll-out of TPT. The project, further, specifically focuses to influence the allocation of sufficient TB funding and implementation of effective TPT Supply Chain policies and processes for effective rollout to ensure 94, 000 people are on TPT by 2021 as stipulated in Malawi’s United Nations High Level Meeting (UNHLM) TPT targets.

It is envisaged that by the end of the project, access to TPT (INH, 3HP and 3HR) drugs for PLHIV and the general population with TB in Malawi will have increased; and that there will be increased implementation of TB policies and guidelines, national budgetary allocation on TPT, including PEPFAR COP21.

This report is presented out of an assignment that was aimed to conduct a desk review of the existing evidence regarding the sufficiency of TPT funding i.e., INH, 3HP and 3HR in Malawi. The consultant pooled together available literature/documentation and conducted a budget assessment to analyse the sufficiency of TPT funding with the aim of comparing funding for TPT against the number of people that need TPT. An assessment was also made to ascertain if the funding can support the procurement of TPT drugs for its effective rollout in Malawi.